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Is Dennis Miller’s Racist Hate-Speech Supposed To Be Funny?

Reported by Ellen - September 22, 2006 -

Dennis Miller started his weekly gig on Hannity & Colmes last night in a segment called “Real Free Speech.” They should have called it, “I Hate Mexicans, Just Kidding.” If this is FOX News’ strategy to win back viewers, I think they ought to think again. I never thought I’d say this but I’d rather watch Sean Hannity.

Miller started his screed with this “witticism:”

Tonight, I want to talk to you about the elephant-sized piñata in the room: illegal immigration. Now, I don’t have anything against Mexican people but for God’s sakes, sign the guest book on the way in. Come on, if you’re going to knock off a nooner with a co-worker at a bad motel, you have to scrawl your Juan Hancock on the guest blotter.

He continued with this knee-slapper:

Protecting our borders is not a racist act… We have to confront this problem right now because the rubicon grande has obviously been crossed. I realized that when I heard there’s now a copy of the national anthem sung completely in Spanish, although truth be told I’ve kind of been doing it a little bit myself over the years because I don’t know about you but I always start the song off ‘Jose can you see?’

In his next “joke,” Miller got Mexican President Vicente Fox’s name wrong.

Vincente (sic) Fox always reminds me of Lyle Waggoner in his Zorro sketch. And you know something? If he’s as proud of his country as he says he is, maybe he should try to honcho his economy out of the permanent state of siesta it’s in so his people can stay home and make a buck – or sixty trillion pesos, whatever today’s conversion rate may be.

Miller continued by misrepresenting Americans’ sentiments about illegal immigration. “Right about now, 80% of this country has reached the same point with illegal immigration that (President Bush) did after Saddam Hussein lined his birdcage with that 17th UN resolution on Iraq. Enough is enough.” In fact, recent polls make clear that while Americans think illegal immigration is a serious problem, they hardly feel that we ought to take military action. The polls repeatedly indicate that Americans favor some kind of guest worker/path to citizenship program.

Nevertheless, Miller labeled everyone who doesn’t hate illegal immigrants as “wanting them coming here unchecked.” He “kidded” that those who don’t agree with them should leave the country.

And so I present my Mexican lifeboat theory. It’s quite simple. If you really want everybody coming here unchecked, just give up your seat in the boat. One illegal immigrant in, one proponent of illegal immigration out. Hey, if you’re gonna talk the come on up talk, you gotta walk the head down south walk.

What’s up next week? Jokes about Muslims? I can hardly wait.

Crooks and Liars has the video. As John Amato there pointed out, He was so unfunny that Hannity & Colmes just signed off after he finished.