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Bill O'Reilly Transforms Into His "Culture Warrior" Persona For Barbara Walters Interview

Reported by Deborah - September 22, 2006 -

Barbara Walters interviewed Bill O'Reilly tonight on 20/20 and his image was carefully crafted to reflect the traditionalist label he's created for himself as the Culture Warrior. Someone who carefully guards his privacy, he chose to conduct this interview in his very tradional colonial home seated on facing wing back chairs in a room that might have been featured in a 1950's House Beautiful spread. The man sitting across from Walters seemed very far from the O'Reilly who included a long enemies list in his book. In fact, when asked about two people on the list, his response was tolerant and amused as if he had forgotten they were his enemies.9/22/06

Walters asked him for quick takes on people and when Jon Stewart and David Letterman, on his list, were named he dismissed them as barely worth a moments thought. He claimed that he and Jon Stewart like to go after each other claiming that he's an entertainer adding that only " college aged stoners" watch his show. David Letterman got the same sort of dismissal yet both are clearly listed on his mile long "enemies list" released today.

At the start of the interview, he claimed to be independant "voting all over the map". So he made sure to reflect that spirit of independence when Walter mentioned some other names. He had sympathy for Bush and chided Cheney for not coming on the show. He was critical of Hillary Clinton but actually praised Bill Clinton calling him brilliant and a successful President.

Trying to stress his own importance and the sacrifice he's making as the "culture warrior" who must expose the enemies of traditional America, he revealed that he's on an Al Qaeda hit list. However, he assured Walters that up till now it's all been worth it.

If Donna Reed in a shirtwaist dress, high heels and pearls had waltzed in with a tray of cookies and glass pitcher of lemonade, I wouldn't have been at all surprised. O'Reilly safely cloistered in his manufactured world of 1950's opulent traditions, knows nothing about our culture at all.