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Bill O'Reilly in his last throes?

Reported by Chrish - September 22, 2006 -

As his elderly audience declines of natural causes, FOX personality Bill O'Reilly is becoming (in his own words) more ridiculous in his attempts to self-promote. In fact, he made his own upcoming book and television interviews the subject of his "Most Rididculous Item" segment yesterday 9/21/06.

First he said "Close to 100,000 people have taking the Culture Warrior test on BillOReilly.com. That's amazing. Now that multiple-choice quiz is an introduction to my new book, Cultural Warrior," which will be out on Monday." and then further promoted it, with a left jab, "Giant ad in the New York Times. That will tee those people off, though, won't it?"

Those people. You know who you are. I'm having high school flashbacks.

O'Reilly reveals that his publisher is only sending the book to reviewers who will give it a favorable write-up:

"Now I told you that we are going to be attacked because of this book, and the dirty tricks have already begun. For example, the committed left-wing magazine Washington Monthly called my publisher and asked for an advanced copy of "Culture Warrior." When the publisher said, "Who should we send it to," Washington Monthly gave them a guy who writes for the left-wing smear site (ie, truth exposers - ch) Media Matters. Nice try, no book.

Another crazy left guy lied to NewsMax.com (right-wing spin site - ch) about his intent to review "Culture Warrior." NewsMax has taken action against the man, and we appreciate that very much.

We expert more of this kind of stuff, and we'll keep you posted."

He's pre-spinning the bad reviews, which will now lag behind the pre-screened glowing reviews from sycophants (odd how closely that resembles psycho-fans...but I digress).

Finally he promoted his upcoming appearances on 20/20, GMA, F&F, and the Tonight Show, not-so-subtly asking for fans to be in the audience for support: "I'll be on the Jay Leno program out in L.A. Now, we always like to have "Factor" people in the audience there, just to reassure Jay that I'm an OK guy." This past Monday he pronounced all the late-night show hosts to be liberals - pre-spinning the reception he anticipates from the younger, smarter audiences he's sure to encounter there - unless he brings his own.

To tie all this shameless self-promotion to the Ridiculous Item segment, he finished with "I hope I'm not boring up with all of this. If I am, sorry to be ridiculous." Not ridiculous - pathetic.

PS to BOR: If you really believe what you told Barbara Walters, that you specifically have been targeted by Al Queda, you have no business promoting your whereabouts in large audiences of innocent people. If you were really looking out for folks you wouldn't urge them to come be targets with you; in fact, you'd go into hiding with soul-mate Dick Cheney.

Update: Media Matters got the book and reviews it here.