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Neil Cavuto Says Poor Americans Who Accept Heating Oil From Hugo Chavez are Committing Treason

Reported by Melanie - September 21, 2006 -

Neil Cavuto was livid and about to burst a blood vessel today (September 21, 2006) over Hugo Chavez's plan to sell heating oil at discount prices to low income residents of New York City. (Chavez also plans to donate 100 gallons of heating oil to 12,000 rural Alaskans, which, curiously, Cavuto didn't mention.) Avoiding obvious questions like why U.S. oil companies don't donate oil to our poor, or why it is that people in this country can't afford to heat their homes, Cavuto, wearing an American flag on his lapel, instead targeted his fellow citizens and insinuated that they are committing treason for accepting Chavez's offer.

With a graphic that read, "Is it Treason?" over his shoulder, Neil Cavuto opened his show with:

Beware of strangers bearing gifts? Well, not in Harlem and not today. Did Americans who took Hugo Chavez's oil today commit treason? I want you to meet a guy who says yes and another who says nonsense.

After a report from Harlem by Rick Leventhal about Hugo Chavez's activities today, Cavuto turned to New York City Councilman Charles Barron who lauded Chavez and urged George Bush, Democrats, U.S. oil companies, and anyone else to step in to help the poor in his Harlem/Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood, all while a chyron at the bottom of the screen read: "Taking Cheap Oil From Hugo Chavez; Act of Treason?"

Comment: Is this "compassionate conservatism?"

(For the record, the "guy who says yes," that Americans who take Chavez up on his offer are committing treason, was radio talk show host Steve Malzberg. He appeared with Greg Palast and spent his time pointing out how much Palast sounded like Chavez. The chyron that Fox aired during that segment didn't mention treason, the topic Cavuto promoted (he got his point across during the Barron segment). Instead it read: "Should Americans Tell Chavez to Keep his Cheap Oil?")