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Fox Distorts CIA Secret Prison Plan Closing

Reported by Donna - September 21, 2006 -

Shepard Smith on Studio B said today that, "There's a new report out that claims the Bush Administration was forced to stop it's Secret CIA Prison Program because the CIA agents refused to question terror suspects and run the secret facilities, but at least one U.S. official is disputing those claims."

Comment: Now, it sounds like the Bush Administration was not forced to stop the Secret CIA Prison Program, but that's not the case at all. The Bush Administration was forced to stop the Secret CIA Prison Program, but the administration is disputing the reason why.

Smith went to Catherine Herridge who said, "It's pretty unusual that the CIA spokesman went on the record today saying the report was flat out wrong, adding that the reason for putting the CIA Prison Program on ice wasn't motivated by an employee backlash, it would stand for the recent Supreme court decision and the fact that the intelligence value of detainees like Kahlid Sheik Muhammad, had been exhausted.

That said, at least one former CIA officer telling Fox that he knows of agency employees who have refused or avoided assignments because they're worried about the legal implications. A claim, the CIA said, it could not substantiate.

At it's peak Fox News learned the CIA Prison Plan held less than 100 alleged terrorists. Now 14 are at Guatanamo Bay. The detainees are considered high value (Comment: No comment on the rest of the prisoners held there. Released? Deceased? We don't know) because they had intelligence about locations of other operatives as well as future plots.

Asked if any CIA employees had refused to take part in the interrogations, the Director of National Intelligence said recently, this is his response."

Switch to video of John Negroponte. "I think the way I would answer you...uh...in regard to that question is that there has been precious little activitiy of that kind uh..for..uh...a number of months now and certainly since the Supreme Court decision."

Back to Catherine Herridge: "As one official put it the bottom line is the CIA Prison Program has quote, "been zeroed out." That basically means that there is no one in it. There are not active interrogations like the ones that pulled intelligence from Kahlid Sheik Muhammad.

It's not clear what plans (are) in place if the CIA captured someone like Bin Laden. The sense among the intelligence community is that's a bridge they'll have to cross when they get to it." (Comment: In other words - no plan as usual)

Comments: Fox deliberately uses phrases to confuse it's audience - like, the report was "flat out wrong" to try and make you think that the program wasn't forced to close, but they were forced to close the CIA Secret Prisons by the Supreme Court and there are even some indications from the CIA that many agents refused or avoided these interrogations.

It was also odd that they said there were around 100 prisoners in the CIA Secret Prison Program and 14 of them were now at Guatanamo, but didn't comment on what happened to the rest of them. And weren't those 14 just relocated to Guatanamo recently?

Just another case of Fox twisting words to confuse it's unsuspecting audience.