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6600 Civilians Tortured & Killed In Iraq - Fox Says Torture Is Worse Than It Was Under Saddam

Reported by Donna - September 21, 2006 -

Michael O'Hanlon from the Brookings Institution was a guest on Studio B with Shepard Smith today. A horrific number of deaths had come out for July and August in Iraq. They are now saying 6600 civilians were tortured and killed in the months of July and August, up significantly from what was reported earlier.

Fox even went so far as to say that the torture and killing going on now is worse than it was under Saddam Hussein. O'Hanlon said he doesn't think this has to do with the American occupation, that it is strictly sectarian violence on each other.

O'Hanlon says that under Saddam, since 1991, the torture was down significantly. (Comment: That's a different story than we've heard from this administration) O'Hanlon added that he thought the only thing that would help would be ethnic relocation.

Comment: O'Hanlon said that the torture and killing early on in the war was because of the U.S. occupation but now it was a case of sectarian violence and even the Sunnis didn't want us to leave now because they think they will be defeated by the Shiites due to the high majority of Shia population in Iraq.

I think it's amazing that O'Hanlon doesn't think that the American occupation has anything to do with the present violence since the violence wasn't there before our invasion. I also found it stunning that Fox would report that the torture and killing going on now is worse than it was under Saddam Hussein. Whether this is a stance that will continue into Fox's other shows, we'll have to see. I highly doubt it. But there you have it, even Fox is reporting that the torture and killing that is going on now in Iraq is worse than it was under Saddam Hussein.