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The President of Colombia Slaps Neil Cavuto Upside the Head

Reported by Melanie - September 20, 2006 -

Neil Cavuto conducted the first of a two-part interview with Colombian President Alvaro Uribe today (September 20, 2006) on Your World. Cavuto's ethnocentricity and his utter lack of understanding of the world outside the propaganda Fox News is steeped in became apparent with his first question to Uribe: "Do you think Hugo Chavez is a nut?"

A stunned Uribe responded with, "Is a...?"

Cavuto: "A nut? Crazy?"

Uribe: "No. Ah, excuse me. You do not ask this question of a president who is the president of a sister nation of Venezuela. Colombia and Venezuela are sister nations. We have had a historic brotherhood. We have a common present and of course we need a joined future. Any expression I admit on Venezuela should be a friendly expression."

Comment: Cavuto came off like a classless, self-serving bully; a thug, just like his employer.