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Julie Banderas doesn't even pretend to be objective about Hugo Chavez

Reported by Chrish - September 20, 2006 -

Julie Banderas subbed for John Gibson on the Big Story today 9/20/06 and was the picture of outrage at Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's remarks at the UN. Not only did she spout indignantly, she outright lied in her portrayal of him within the context of interviewing Senator Kay Baily Hutchinson (R-TX).

Banderas first wanted to know if Hutchinson was going to follow the lead of John Bolton, who in essence said he wouldn't dignify the comments with a reply. Hutchinson said of course we're insulted but coming back at him wouldn't do any good. She does say, however, that Chavez quoted "an author" (Noam Chomsky!) who says "America is seeking global dominance. That's the opposite. America doesn't seek to conquer anyone. America tries to be the beacon of freedom wherever people want freedom we're going to help them get it, (that's why we're putting up 700 miles of fence on the southern border) but we're trying to show that people can live with diversity and peace and harmony."

Banderas mentioned that Chavez is traveling to Harlem tomorrow "to try to appeal to low-income New Yorkers with his cheap oil, his cheap heating oil. Interesting how he seems to be interested in poor Americans when he doesn't seem to really pay too much attention to his own people. This is obviously another political move to sort of I suppose slap [Bush] in his face."

Hutchinson agreed, saying Chavez doesn't take care of his own people who are in poverty.

Various sources say otherwise:

"Chรกvez's domestic policy relies heavily on the "Bolivarian Missions," a series of political campaigns aimed at radically altering the economic and cultural landscape of Venezuela. The Missions are a series of social justice, social welfare, anti-poverty, educational, electoral and military recruiting programs.

The "Bolivarian Missions" have entailed the launching of massive government anti-poverty initiatives,[76][77] the construction of thousands of free medical clinics for the poor,[78] the institution of educational campaigns that have reportedly made more than one million adult Venezuelans literate,[79][80] and the enactment of food[81] and housing subsidies.[82] There have been marked improvements in the infant mortality rate between 1998 and 2006.[83][84]"

(Note: follow those footnotes at Wikipedia to other sources, including UNICEF and the CIA World factbook.)

Banderas compared the American reaction ("we're a class act, we don't throw demonstrations and shoot nuns") to that of Muslims rioting over the Pope's remarks last week. Hutchinson agreed again, and said the riots are more proof that Al Queda wants to destroy freedom in the world and that's why Bush and Congress are "standing firm." She finished up with "we don't need terrorists to tear down the fabric of our nation and the opportunity that freedom gives for future generations."

Banderas agreed, "no we don't."

That's correct; we don't need terrorists to tear the fabric of our nation when we've got the lawless Constitution-trampling rights-revoking democracy-destroying "I'm the divider" Bush administration.