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Brit Hume Says Chavez May Be Giving Money To Terrorists

Reported by Donna - September 20, 2006 -

Today on Studio B with Shepard Smith they covered the UN speech of President Chavez of Venezuela. Chavez called President Bush 'the Devil' and Fox had to explain how horrible Chavez was so they brought out the big gun, Brit Hume to counter him.

And, counter him he did, with talk of terror speculation, what Fox and this administration does best.

At one point Hume said that Chavez received a 'warm reception' with his speech which should tell the American people how hard it is for the U.S. to deal with world politics. (Comment: The warm reception probably came more from the actions and lack of diplomacy of George Bush than the words of Chavez)

At the end of the interview Smith asked Hume if Chavez was dangerous. Hume said that "potentially, sure, he's got money at his disposal, he can give it to terrorists, he can help terror organizations, maybe he's doing it. Sure he's dangerous, you bet."

Comment: Hume went on and on about how leftist Chavez was and apparently if anyone comes at Bush in a negative way, Fox feels like it has to 'get back' at that person. Chavez is a democratically elected president and Hume used pure speculation in claiming that perhaps he's already giving money to terrorists. The Fox News Network will stop at nothing to get back at the president's adversaries, including out and out lies. Hume has nothing to back this up, he just uses the words "he's got money at his disposal, he can give it to terrorists,he can help terror organizations, maybe he's doing it" to show that this is a very bad man and insert the fear mongoring that both Fox and this administration thrive on.

Maybe Hume has money at his disposal? (To use a Fox tactic)