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Hannity Protects Dr. Laura From Tough Questions

Reported by Ellen - September 19, 2006 -

During the second part of a two-part interview, Sean Hannity got two and a half minutes to explore Dr. Laura Schlessinger's questionable claim that feminism is the reason so many women don't want to have sex with their husbands. But when Alan Colmes started his portion by asking a tough question, Hannity warned that there were only 30 seconds left. Hannity still had time to offer some more of his thoughts, defending her, nevertheless. With video.

As a "recovered feminist," Schlessinger felt qualified to opine to Hannity that the reason so many women don't want to have sex with their husbands is because women have been "so brainwashed" by feminism, they believe "men are oppressors."

“Feminism is about being angry and being paranoid and always feeling hurt by something and what I did is I gave them back the beauty and the joy of the husband/wife relationship and how each other becomes an oasis,” Schlessinger loftily claimed.

Alan Colmes asked as his first question, “You’ve been attacked and one of the attacks has been that you give tough advice but you haven’t always lived up to the things you tell other people to do. It’s legendary what those things are.”

“We’ve got about 30 seconds,” Hannity interrupted.

The segment ended as soon as she answered but Hannity still found time to interject his own comment, that she had given a “great answer.”

You can see part one of the interview, in which each host got approximately the same amount of time, on FOXNews.com. Here's part two.