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Fox Uses Biased Banners To Push It's Case Against Iran

Reported by Donna - September 19, 2006 -

On Studio B with Shepard Smith today he had a segment with P.J. Crowley from the Center for American Progress and they discussed the situation with Iran and the president's speech.

Fox chose to use some biased banners when telling the story during the segment.

Keep in mind that the whole segment went under a big banner that said 'NUCLEAR SHOWDOWN'

The banners were as follows:

Bush: Iran Uses Resources To Fund Extremism

Bush: World Is Engaged In Ideological Struggle

Since 1945 US Has Been Biggest UN Donor Each Year

Bush: Must Seek Stability For A Free Middle East

About 70 World Leaders Will Address UN General Assembly

Iranian President Will Speak To UN General Assembly

Venezuela Is Pushing For A Seat On UN Council

French President Rejects Sanctions For Iran

Bush: Iran Uses Resources To Fund Extremism

Comment: The first and last banner talking about Iran using resources to fund extremism were on for a very long time. It's very familiar to the case they made for making war with Iraq. They manage to hit on our huge contribution to the UN, like we should have our way because we give so much money?

They also managed to get in information on the Iranian President, Venezuela and France, three countries that the Bush administration and Fox have been very negative about in the past. Are we supposed to say how awful it is that the UN is allowing the Iranian president to speak? Are we to live in fear that the UN could allow Venezuela a seat on the UN Security Council? Are we to be upset with France because Fox says they are rejecting sanctions for Iran? Did France say this or not? This was not made clear in the segment, nor did UN Ambassador Bolton confirm this when he was interviewed later.

But it was the one banner that stayed up for a long time at the beginning and the end of the segment that caught your eye -- 'Bush: Iran Uses Resources To Fund Extremism' that made you shiver at the reminiscence of the intelligence chatter that went around in the days leading up to the war with Iraq.