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FOX News Fans Flames Of Hostility Against Muslims

Reported by Ellen - September 19, 2006 -

Muslim perspective wasn’t just shut out of the discussion on last night’s (9/18/06) Hannity & Colmes about the controversy over the Pope’s remarks on Islam, it was actively and deliberately vilified. That was guaranteed by the inclusion of Tony Blankley, author of “The West’s Last Chance: Will We Win The Clash Of Civilizations?” in the panel. Wikipedia describes the book as a discussion of “the ever encroaching threat that Islam poses on the West, a threat the author rates as higher than the one of the Nazis during World War II.” The other guests were Raymond Arroyo, news director for the Catholic television network EWTN and conservative FOX News contributor Father Jonathan Morris.

In sync with Blankley, “Clash of Civilizations?” appeared on screen during most of the discussion. Viewers saw footage of angry Muslims burning an effigy (of the Pope?), chanting and looking crazed and dangerous.

Alan Colmes offered no insight into why Muslims are upset with the Pope and was another voice of support, noting that the Pope had been misunderstood. That’s certainly Colmes’ prerogative but that left the inevitable attacks of Blankley, Hannity and Morris unanswered. One has to assume that FOX News approved of that lack of balance. If so, they must have been pleased by the final exchange.

Hannity asked Father Morris, “We are at war with Islamic fascism. We’re at war with those people that use religion as a means of justifying their violence. Are we talking about the same people here, Father, that are looking for any instance to sort of radicalize more people? That’s my interpretation of this. Yours?”

Father Morris, who is also a member of a wealthy, ultra-secret religious order, took the cue. “I think you’re on to something there, Sean… One thing is very obvious, the irony of those who are using violence to protest violence. But there’s another irony and that is the institutions of the Muslim faith right now that are coming out of the Middle East and saying ‘we condemn the pope’ but never daring, never daring to step in and say ‘but we are also going to answer the central thesis of this pope and that is religion and violence don’t mix.’ And that’s the problem. It’s coming from the institutions.”

Hannity turned to Blankley “You warned that the problem of Islamic fascism may be far worse than people are willing to admit. Do you see that in this instance?”

“Yes, of course. We’re seeing it all the time that it’s not just a tiny fraction. We don’t know what percentage of the fifth of mankind, the over billion human souls that are Islam, but it’s not a fraction. It’s a substantial piece. These passions touch more than just the killers. They touch an awful lot of grassroots Muslims in the same way that it touches the killers out there. So that is the broader population is a supportive base for the killers.”

The segment ended on that hostile note.