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Even the commercials push the agenda on FOX News.

Reported by Chrish - September 19, 2006 -

A commercial shown during The Big Story today 9/19/06 slipped seamlessly between segments touting the supposed danger posed by Iran.

Sponsored by the International Fellowship of Christans and Jews and titled "Stand for Israel" the spot condensed all the right-wing talking points into a thirty second primer, which you can view here.

Marie Therese noted this commercial in August:

"Within the past few days the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews has begun a pro-Israel fund-raising ad on FOX News, something so unusual that it rated a segment on my local CBS News last night. According to the report, this reflects an alliance between fundamentalist Christian groups and Israel, a relationship one rabbi claimed was curious in light of the fact that fundamentalist Christians believe that any Jew who doesn't convert will be consigned to hell during the upcoming Apocalypse in the Middle East."

The website, registered in Germany, expires weeks after the election in November.