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A little schadenfreude at Howard Stern's expense

Reported by Chrish - September 19, 2006 -

The Big Story with John Gibson did a segment on the possibility of Howard Stern's return to "terrestrial" radio, with FOX business correspondent Terry Keenan to deliver the numbers.

Apparently Howard Stern's website numbers are down by 71% and his search engine numbers are down 90% since he took his radio show to the uncensored world of satellite radio. (The chyron noted these numbers were reported by the NY Post, a sister company to FOX News, which was not mentioned, so viewers think the information has been sourced when actually it is only an echo of the same voice.)

Keenan said he has lost over 80% (almost 10 million) of his land-radio listeners in the nine months since he went to Sirius. 25% of listeners responding said it was cost prohibitive, and 30% said they didn't miss Howard, a number that will delight Bill O'Reilly, who suffers Howard-envy. Gibson and Keenan speculated that Stern will have to forego some of his $500 million contract if he returns to terrestrial radio, though there is precedent (Opie and Anthony) for personalities to be on both. If Sirius and XMXR merge, which they might, Howard could potentially gain millions of new listeners.

In any event, it was noted that Howard Stern the brand-name may be losing some equity - the self-proclaimed king of all media now finds himself presiding over "the Monaco of radio", said Keenan.