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O'Reilly Asks Inevitable Republican Campaign Question

Reported by Deborah - September 18, 2006 -

While discussing the possibility that Iran is planning an attack on troops in Iraq close to the Election, O'Reilly asked Bill Cowan and David Hunt the inevitable question.
"Does Iran want the Democrats to win?"

Bill Cowan and David Hunt claimed there is proof that Iran has been planning an attack on our troops in Iraq around election time. O'Reilly responded predictably, "Isn't that an act of war?" Hunt added his usual color with, " The Iranians are up to their eyeballs in blood."

When O'Reilly asked the embarrassingly obvious question, "Does Iran want the Democrats to win?", Cowan played the game.He said that that Iran wouldn't mind seeing Bush " kicked around" However, Hunt disagreed with the entire premise claiming that Iran is a super power and not politically involved.

O'Reilly momentarily forgot himself and expressed doubts about our ability to succeed in Iraq with Iran feeding the insurgency. He quickly got back on message mentioning that the Navy is looking at blockading ports in Iran adding that results would be too slow with that method.

comment: I'm a little confused with the logic here. Iran wants the Democrats to win so they plan to attack before the election to make voters think Democrats are better leaders. However, once they attack, voters should be outraged that they tried to influence the election and will then vote Republican. Unfortunatly, on FOX, logic is not an issue as long as the message gets out.