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Is Anyone On FOX News Really In A Position To Complain About Preferential Treatment For Blondes?

Reported by Ellen - September 18, 2006 -

Sean Hannity was pounding on the desk last week (9/14/06) with outrage over what he perceived as a too-lenient sentence for Debra LaFave, the beautiful blonde former teacher who had sex with one of her students.

LaFave received three years house arrest but no jail time. Hannity interpreted that as getting off free. “If you’re hot, if you’re blonde hair and a great figure, boy, you get away with murder.”

Funny, I don’t remember Hannity complaining that if you’re a pretty blonde and you disappear, as Natalee Holloway did, that your attractive blonde family can get nightly news appearances to keep national attention on your problem. Nor have I ever heard him complain that pretty blondes seem to have a far better chance of getting FOX News face time. In fact, the very next segment featured the blonde half-sister of blonde Anna Nicole Smith, replete with some very bodacious clips of Smith, plus two blonde commenters.

Hannity railed and pounded on the desk. “Here’s the problem I have. This is rape. And no man would ever get away with it. And the fact that everybody has a double standard is driving me insane.”



You can also take a look at the Hannity & Colmes website and see how many women there are blonde.