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Heartland Goes To Hollywood

Reported by Ellen - September 17, 2006 -


Everyone loves the “stars” and with that in mind, Kasich devoted what seemed to be the longest segment of Heartland (9/16/06) to Anna Nicole Smith and the recent death of her son. It took on the form of a “tribute” as Kasich’s guest, Eric Redding, (Anna’s former manager and author of a book about her) waxed poetic about how she always tried to be a good mother. (Comment: Eric has also publicly referenced Anna’s penchant for copious volumes of champagne and “medications”) Kasich concluded the segment by urging his viewers to pray for Anna and her new baby (Comment: should we cry or retch?)

After this “moving” piece, Kasich moved on to evil Hollywood. His guests were Pat LaLama, Investigative Journalist and Ted Casablanca, E-Online columnist. Kasich began the segment by saying that “the rich and famous are speaking out with jaw dropping, bold statements against the US government and President Bush. Many are asking the question, who do these people think they are?” He noted that liberal stars are claiming that they are being blacklisted; but he thought that it was the other way around.

LaLama loudly asserted you are mistaken if you believe “that any extremist, liberal, can’t say whatever they want.” She went on to claim that when “well known radio talk show host (and frequent FOX News guest) Larry Elder was trying to cast his movie “to counter Farenheit 9-11,” 6 or 7 celebrities lined up but then dropped out “because they said it wasn’t safe.” (Comment: names??).

Kasich then said that the liberal actors “seem to be whining because bloggers are holding them accountable.” (Comment: what blogs – Free Republic?) He cited Rosie O’Donnell’s (currently Fox’s most hated celebrity) quote about radical Christianity and said, “do they put this lady on just to get people’s blood boiling?”

Casablanca responded, “I can tell you have it in for Rosie.” (Comment: Bravo, Ted). Ted added that Rosie is “fearless and doesn’t care what her critics say.”

LaLama interjected, loudly, that she didn’t “have any problem with people using their platform to speak out; but these people are full of hatred, vitriol, and misinformation.” She asked why these celebrities aren’t “grateful to the country that gave them the opportunity to be rich and famous.”

Kasich mentioned that Kevin Costner “stood up for Bush” in speaking out against the British movie that shows a fictional Bush assassination. (Comment: fiction – unlike the reality that was fictionalized by the Path to 9-11)

Casablanca interjected that the real vitriol is the hatred against celebrities who are unafraid to speak out. (Comment: Bravo again, Ted) At that point LaLama was yelling, “that’s not true.”

Kasich loudly proclaimed, “there’s no way you can take these people that seriously.” (Comment: then why the segment and why the Kasich apparent impassioned feelings about the matter?) Kasich, even louder, asked, “what planet are they living on, they dislike America and you’ve got Sean Penn calling Bush a devil.” (Comment: Ann Coulter has called liberals far worse things than devil!)

LaLama shouted that she was “proud of anyone with guts but not those with hatred and venom.” She said, “Those who are uninformed and get behind these celebrities are like lemmings.” (Comment: like those who watch Fox?)

Kasich concluded by saying that both Bono and Clooney use their celebrity for “good” and he wished that others would do the same. (Comment: O’Reilly might not put Clooney and good in the same sentence.)

Comment: The website for the Republican National Committee has an entire page devoted to Rosie O’Donnell. Fox obviously got the memo about trashing her. To coin Kasich’s phrase about “getting blood boiled,” it’s Fox News that tries to rile up its “uninformed” viewers about a group of people who are exercising their free speech – just like the purveyors of uninformed hatred and bigotry on the radio and Fox News.