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O'Reilly Celebrates Rumored Bankruptcy Of Air America With Alan Colmes And Mike Gallagher

Reported by Deborah - September 14, 2006 -

O'Reilly has been waiting for the moment he could gloat over the demise of Air America and couldn't even wait until the rumor had been substantiated before running the story. Alan Colmes and Mike Gallagher joined him to share their theories on why Air America is in financial crisis. While O'Reilly and Gallagher savaged the radio network, Colmes offered criticism but refused to join the smear fest even after O'Reilly baited him.

Gallagher unaware of how hypocritical he sounded claimed Air America people were mangy, bitter and angry like a bunch of " mental patients broadcasting in a basement." O'Reilly surprisingly reminded him that there were a lot of right wing radio hosts that were the same way but Gallagher couldn't see that at all. He added that the left lacks warmth calling them "souless".

Colmes offered that on radio entertainment should be first rather than mission adding that he has an audience of conservatives and liberals. Gallagher chimed in that he had a mixed audience too and loved getting calls from liberals who like his show.

Then Gallagher and O'Reilly wondered why the New York Times gave Air America so much free publicity claiming they did 20 favorable stories about them. Not that he's counting.

Then O'Reilly tried to bait Colmes . "Those people on Air America have savaged you!" Colmes refused to bite replying, " Don't you believe in Christian forgiveness?" BOR offered Colmes a chance to take a " cheap shot" at Air America but Colmes, to his credit, wouldn't go for it.

Here's the video but don't watch it with a full stomach.