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Hemmer Keeps Up The Republican Talking Points

Reported by Donna - September 14, 2006 -

Today on Fox On Line with Bill Hemmer he had a segment where he spoke to Democratic strategist Robert Zimmerman and former Republican Committee Woman (NY), Georgette Mosbacher.

Hemmer asked Mosbacher first if she thought Congress was going to get it right in keeping the surveillance in place (Comment: How twisted this question is, by getting it right, does he mean the presidents way? And he deliberately said 'keeping the surveillance in place' as if anyone wanted to do away with the surveillance. This is a complete and utter Republican talking point. Democrats have nothing against a surveillance program - it's the illegality of not having warrants that they are concerned with)

She said she hoped so and said it's reflected in the president's polls that were just seen (a Rasmussen poll had Bush at a 47% approval rating, while other polls can be checked out here. Fox deliberately used the one high poll that was out there.) She added that people are starting to understand what is really at stake here, that this is a real enemy (not sure who she's talking about there, the terrorists?). She also said that every expert out there said the only way we can fight this war is by having good intelligence.

That is when Zimmerman joined in and said that was the critical point and it wasn't whether Congress got it right it was whether the Bush administration got it right. He added that it was the Bush administration's incompetence which resulted in the Supreme Court throwing out the program that the Bush administration had put in place.

Mosbacher interrupted and said that we had been safe for 5 years while Zimmerman disagreed and said it was not a case of whether we had been hit but how effectively we hit back. He went on to talk about the increase of the strength of Taliban fighters in Afghanistan and North Korea launching missiles. Mossbacher said, "Better there than here" while Zimmerman added that we have completely underfunded homeland security.

Hemmer interrupted to talk about the poll numbers (of the Rasmussen poll only) and Zimmerman said the polls had no where to go except up and added that on most polls 60% consistently say that this country is not moving in the right direction.

Mossbacher said that the American people really know what is at stake and they understand that this war is unlike any war than we've ever fought before and it's a war about intelligence and that this White House has done a great job. (Comment: When it comes to intelligance, this White House does not have a good record) Mossbacher went back to the 'we have been safe' argument and of course included the terrorist bomb threat that was discovered in the UK. (Comment: As if the U.S. made the bust)

Zimmerman got the last word and he said that we all agree that fighting terrorism is the most critical threshold issue but we can't fight terrorism effectively if we allow our military and our resources to be bogged down into refereeing a civil war in Iraq. It's drained us financially from funding Homeland Security and it's hurt us in taking on the important mission of taking on Al Qaeda.

Of course Hemmer interrupted at this point and said time was up.

Comment: Somewhat fair and balanced in allowing the two to speak an equal amount of time but putting one poll out there when there are so many other polls which aren't as high is the Fox way. Zimmerman, when he wasn't being interrupted had good comebacks to the Republican talking points being thrown about by Mosbacher and Hemmer.

And Hemmers way of questioning is becoming more suspect as the months go on. See my example above when he talks about Congress and if they will get it right in keeping the surveillance going. Like I said above -- this is a perfect Republican talking point that insinuates that Democrats want to do away with surveillance when this couldn't be further from the truth. Democrats just want the program to be conducted within the constitutional law.