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O'Reilly Insists It's Not Torture

Reported by Deborah - September 13, 2006 -

O'Reilly is on a campaign to convince viewers that the US does not do torture proclaiming on The Factor last night,

"Torture is taking my fingers off, disfiguring me, taking my eye out — not keeping me in a cold room and uncomfortable with blaring rock music."

Last night, O'Reilly was all worked up over the New York Times article claiming that the CIA was able to get valuable information from Abu Zubaydah, Al Qaeda personnel director, using "approved procedures" which included loud rock music in a cold room. Katherine Newell-Bierman Human Rights Watch, disagreed with O'Reilly's and experienced some of his special " approved procedures" reserved for wayward guests.

Newell-Bierman would not go along with O'Reilly's shtick about Red Hot Chile Peppers in an air conditioned room. She annoyed him even more claiming that Zubdayah was considered crazy and gave them bad information and stuff they already knew.

NEWELL-BIERMAN: Bottom line is President Bush described Americans abusing and coercing interrogation from a crazy man who told us stuff we already knew or told us stuff we didn't know and we had to find out that wasn't true. That's the story behind the story.

Newell-Bierman insisted that coerced questioning didn't work which really got to the tough guy who reminded her that he was the expert who had gone to Guantanamo and talked to the "hands on guy". O'Reilly got more heated as the interview continued and was yelling by the end of it.

Tonight, 9/13, Laura Ingraham will be coming on to discuss the definition of Torture with O'Reilly.
Chances are she'll give him the validation he needs. Look for some new bumper stickers advertised on Factor Gear. TORTURE WORKS- IT REALLY REALLY WORKS