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Hume and "Islamic Fascism"

Reported by Janie - September 13, 2006 -

Senator Russ Feingold, along with various Muslim groups, have taken offense with the term "Islamic fascism" that the President and his Administration insist upon using (despite the fact it does not apply). During last night's (9/12) "Two Minutes of Hate" segment on "Special Report", host Brit Hume went after Feingold for his stance on the term, while once again protecting the President through his skillful use of spin.

Hume opined:

"Wisconsin Democratic Sen. Russ Feingold is calling on the president to stop using the phrase 'Islamic fascists' to describe terrorists, saying it 'causes people to believe their religion is under attack.'

But while Feingold called the term 'insulting,' he's not saying the terrorists aren't Islamic and he's not saying they're not fascists. Instead, he says using the two together 'puts the name of Islam in an exceptionally negative light.'

Feingold suggests calling the terrorists 'extremists who exploit Islam,' but his complaint may be moot. President Bush hasn't used the phrase 'Islamic fascism' since August 10."

Hume has mastered the art of spin - and in this case is using it to back the President, claiming Bush hasn't used the phrase "since August 10". What Hume is not mentioning to his audience is that the Administration continues to defend the phrase:

Tony Snow, defending the term on September 5th: "You have diplomatic efforts that involve the government of Iraq and governments throughout the region and governments throughout the world. You have cultural angles where you're trying to make the argument about -- you know, there was a debate here just a couple of minutes ago about the term "Islamic fascism," or so on. This is not a slur against Islam; it's a slur against people who try to use Islam as a shield for killing people and suppressing human liberties."

Hume also did not mention that:

"The White House on Wednesday announced Bush would elaborate on this theme in a series of speeches beginning Thursday at the American Legion convention in Salt Lake City and running through his address to the U.N. General Assembly on Sept. 19."

Will Hume withdrawal his statement that the point might be "moot", along with his veiled criticism of Feingold if Bush uses the phrase during this scheduled "campaign"?

Don't hold your breath.