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Outrageous Quote of the Week - Week of September 4th

Reported by Janie - September 11, 2006 -

Convicted liar Ollie North was able to take 33% of last week's vote by offering the viewers of Fox the ultimate in fear-mongering - claiming a Democratic-controlled Congress would mean a nuclear attack on America:

"If we elect a Congress in this election on November 7 that is committed to being anti-war, get out now, withdraw America, then we’re in serious, serious trouble. This could be catastrophic. That’s exactly what happened in 1974, when the Congress re-elected decided to get out of Viet Nam. But in this case, it won’t be boat people, it will be nuclear weapons in the hands of fanatics.”

For this week's choice selection, take a peek below the fold!

Option A: " Put up some evidence, if you have it sir. If not, go down to a New York fire station and see what happens to you." - Bill O'Reilly threatening Dick Meyer for writing an editorial criticizing Bush, The O'Reilly Factor, 9/8/06

Option B: "Particularly if the Democrats are in a position where they can be accused of that their line is you're being unfair to the terrorists. You're not giving enough rights to the terrorists. These people who were responsible in several cases anyway, for killing 3,000 Americans. That's their position, it's a difficult to maintain… it can be characterized that way." - Fred Barnes, Special Report, 9/6/06

Option C: "Well, ah congressman, back to the bigger point and whether there is any point here. I mean, it is a moot point right? I mean, we're knee-deep in Iraq right now. We're knee-deep in continuing the fight against al Qaeda. Why bring this up now, whether it's accurate or not?" - Neil Cavuto on the release of the Senate report which clearly stated there was no link between Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda, Your World, 9/8/06

Option D: "Well, most Americans are economically illiterate" and they didn't understand that, "all they got was a vague promise to pay, if we can pay it." And, "unfortunately, people took that to be a guilded-edged promise. Unfortunately, the government got into the act and put these pension fund guarantees in, which makes the situation even worse. The government should not have to bail out companies that made rash promises." - Jim Michaels discussing the termination of Delta's pilot pension plan, Your World, 9/6/06

Option E: "I know members of Congress want to get out and start campaigning so they can keep their jobs, and others out there are campaigning now to take their jobs away. But this stuff is important, and any delay only invites some court somewhere to rule that these 9/11 terrorists shouldn't be kept in captivity if there is not a procedure for putting them on trial." - John Gibson, The Big Story, 9/7/06