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O'Reilly Still Stuck On George Clooney

Reported by Deborah - September 11, 2006 -

Bill O'Reilly takes a grudge seriously so even tonight, during the special 9/11 coverage on The Factor, he was compelled to remind everyone of last year's O'Reilly/Clooney feud .Terence Stamp, Charity Navigator, was on hand to evaluate performances of the 9/11 charities and O'Reilly showed a clip of Clooney taking a shot at FOX News and asked Stamp what he thought. 9/11/06

The United Way is the charity that O'Reilly went after last year. He claimed they didn't get the money to the people but Clooney had another story.Here's the whole deal posted by News Hound MT during the feud. It seemed like BOR wanted to feel vindicated by Stamp's report tonight but it it didn't happen that way.

Stamp didn't rate the United Way poorly claiming that all the money got to the people eventually. He explained that the problems arise in the community based United Way centers complicating the process. O'Reilly offered that they take a cut for themselves adding that he was so angry at United Way, he refused to give them a nickel while giving thousands to other charities.

Then he turned to the Red Cross for a better outcome but once again Stamp praised the organization. He explained that the funds were held up because the donors insisted that the money go to only 9/11 victims and usually the Red Cross puts aside excess to use in other places. Stamp said, " They're a good organization who make mistakes."

The rest of the organizations on O'Reilly's suspect list got glowing reviews from Stamp who assured O'Reilly that all the widows and children of the victims were helped. So in the end, shouldn't O'Reilly be glad he was wrong and all the money reached the people who needed it?
I'm not counting on it.