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Hemmer Says Many Believe (Or Is That Some People?) Souls Of The Departed From 9/11 Speak To Us Through The Wind

Reported by Donna - September 11, 2006 -

Today on Fox On Line with Bill Hemmer the show was devoted to 9/11, particularly the president's visit to Shanksville, PA, where he appeared live on video throughout the show. Hemmer spoke with several people throughout the show and he mused about 9/11 often.

He was speaking to a Republican strategist and a Democratic strategist when he went off on a memory of his about the wind on the first anniversary of 9/11.

Bill Hemmer: "Remember back on the first anniversay, too, Frank and Debbie, I just want to keep you with me a moment here. I remember when the president went down to the site there at ground zero. There was this tremendous wind that came out of the east right around 8:30, 8:40 in the morning when the Governor, George Pataki read the first of some 2800 names.

I rememer Gordan Aamoth, Junior, A-a-m-o-t-h, the first name on that list. And as soon as that name was read aloud this enormous wind came from the east and it did not stop blowing that enitre day. It blew in New York City, and it blew in Shanksville, here, and it blew at the Pentagon as well. And, literally, that wind was in excess of 30 miles an hour throughout the entire afternoon.

There are many people who believe that the souls of the departed, including the Native Americans, who believe the souls of the departed speak to us through the wind and it's their spirits that are flying in that atmosphere."

Comment: I understand the solemnity of the anniversary of 9/11, but speculating about flying departed souls goes a little too far when you are actually supposed to be reporting news. And he generalized about a group of people, the Native Americans, who he says believe that the souls of the departed speak to us through the wind. Is this true - all Native Americans believe this?

Speculating about wind and exactly when it started to blow, how fast it was blowing, that it blew at each site and saying that many people believe that departed souls speak to us through the wind is a bit of an extreme, supposed news story if you ask me.

We report, you decide.