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Exploiting 9/11

Reported by Chrish - September 11, 2006 -

Tonight 9/11/06 on the Talking Points Memo Bill O'Reilly exploited the events of 9/11 to remind viewers to elect officials who have "specific plans and who are courageous enough to fight this brutal terror war" (and how many times have he and his coworkers said that Democrats "have no plan"?). He once again bemoaned that not enough people are sufficiently terrorized: "Most Americans are sitting the terror war out, thinking* it's not their problem. Tonight we'll prove them wrong."

*"Thinking" was the written word in the graphic; "believing" was the spoken word. For a "journalist" he's mighty cavalier about language.

First guest Ambassador Cofer Black, a former director of the CIA's counterterrorist center, explainedthat we haven't caught Osama bin Laden yet because by the time intelligence is acted upon, it is obsolete (or words to that effect). He marches to the administration's drums, saying O'Reilly has it exactly correct: we need to sustain our efforts ("stay the course") and we need to be "nimble."

O'Reilly was kind enough to succinctly recap, counting off on his fingers: "You believe that the Al Queda hunting units are winning, pushing them back, will be successful, and that Americans should be optimistic here." Black replied "Americans, we're 300 million people, we're the greatest country on Earth, we have great people fighting for us - let's support 'em, let's get behind 'em. They'll get it done; it's not gonna be quick."

I don't know whether to wave my pom-poms or my flag - probably both.