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Heartland Plays the Clinton Blame Game

Reported by Chrish - September 10, 2006 -


First off, let me say that I had been eagerly looking forward to Heartland because Kasich’s web page promised that David Limbaugh would be appearing in a discussion about the “Path to 9-11.” David can always be relied on for a rabidly right wing view of the world. But in an unacknowledged “bait and switch,” David was replaced by Mona Charon, an equally rabid right ringer who did not disappoint.

Kasich discussed the “9-11 firestorm facing ABC.” He noted that politicians and historians are urging ABC to pull the controversial mini-series. His two guests were the above-mentioned Charon (identified on the chyron as a “political analyst”) and former Clinton special assistant Laura Schwartz.

Kasich began the discussion by asking the question “should 9-11 be kept out of politics?” (Comment: Bush used 9-11 as part of his campaign iconography and continues to invoke its memory whenever the dubious “war on terror” is referenced.) He said, “some people say that it distorts; but conservative bloggers say let us see it.” (The film has been screened by numerous members of the right wing, including Fred Barnes and Limbaugh, but not the people in the Clinton administration whose words and deeds are being distorted.)

Charon, a contributor to Town Hall, glibly noted that it gave her a sense of schadenfreude – a German term that denotes humor at the misfortune of others. She then stated that conservatives have “suffered” from unfounded attacks by liberals and the “shoe is on the other foot.” While she did say that if the allegations about misrepresentation are true they should be corrected, she added that this does not add up to the “thousands” of times that conservatives have been misrepresented- especially in Farenheit 9-11 and in other movies and TV shows that should be corrected.

Kasich asserted that the media is in a “frenzy” to which Charon added that this is because the press are sympathetic to democrats.”

He then said to Laura, “you guys are so worked up, isn’t this an overreaction? It’s just a docudrama and it’s not supposed to be accurate.” Ms. Schwartz very adroitly stated that this show “misrepresents the 9-11 commission” and has been criticized by conservatives. She added that 9-11 “is real and we don’t need to add anything.” She also noted that this is a great disservice to viewers, particularly those who lost loved ones on 9-11.

Kasich asked “you were there during the Clinton impeachment, was Clinton distracted” to which she responded that this “fallacy and slur” has been debunked by the findings of the 9-11 commission. She added that every time the CIA requested permission to go ahead with an action, they were allowed to do so. She then noted that one could say, “congress was distracted” during this time.

Mona finished out the segment by stating that the Clinton’s have a history of lying and a “problem with the truth.” (Comment: how about Bush’s path to Iraq?) She then said that there should be a documentary on their failures.

Kasich was channeling Rodney King when he ended the segment by stating that he hoped that after the election “we could all just get along.” But the Clinton blame continued in a subsequent segment with Michael Scheuer, whom Kasich billed as a CBS terrorist analyst but who in reality was the former head of the CIA unit tasked with finding OBL (now disbanded) and has done commentary on several networks. He discussed what the administration should do to catch bin Laden; and at the end of the segment stated, vehemently, that Clinton had 10 opportunities to catch Bin Laden but “refused to pull the trigger.”

Reality check: the 9-11 Commission has concluded that there were four opportunities during the Clinton administration when bin Laden could have been captured but wasn't, for a variety of reasons more nuanced than not pulling the trigger. Interestingly, Scheuer has been very critical of the Bush administration’s efforts in the war on terror and the necessity for invading Iraq. The Christian Science Monitor described his book, "Imperial Hubris," as “nothing less than an indictment of the administration's war on terror.” He has also criticized the administration for not immediately responding against bin Laden following the 9/11 attacks.”)

But Kasich did not mention any of this and allowed Scheuer to end the segment with yet another attack on Clinton.

Comment: For FOX, it’s all about diverting and distracting whenever things are going poorly for the Bush administration. Rather than holding the appropriate parties responsible for the mess in Mesopotamia and the fact that the Bush administration has not followed through with the recommendations of the 9-11 commission, they engage in Clinton smearing and Clinton blaming. Clinton’s gone and somebody else is in charge. Put the blame where it belongs!!!