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O'Reilly Insults New York Firefighters While Attacking CBS

Reported by Deborah - September 9, 2006 -

Bill O'Reilly went after Dick Meyer, CBS, for an editorial he wrote criticizing George Bush for not being straight with the American people about the torture issue. Accusing Meyer of having no proof of torture and putting lives in danger, O'Reilly offered this threat. 9/8/06

" Put up some evidence, if you have it sir. If not, go down to a New York fire station and see what happens to you."

Dick Meyer was referring to the statement George Bush has made often and most recently to Katie Couric during an interview. "I've said to people we don't torture and we don't". Meyer thought that was a strange thing for the President to say in light of recent news.

"That was a very odd thing to say on the very day his Pentagon repudiated interrogation "techniques" it had been using and embraced international standards for humane treatment of all detainees in military custody. These standards, by the way, will still not apply to detainees in CIA custody who can still be subjected to "techniques" — translation: torture."

Dick Meyer was asking the President for an honest dialogue about our torture policy.

"I can't see what the downside would be of a simple honest declaration now that the Pentagon is formally changing its policy. Something like: "Yes, in the wake of 9/11, military and intelligence agencies trying to protect our country, interrogated terrorists using methods that can only be called torture. We felt this was necessary to prevent the loss of innocent life, perhaps on a massive scale. This did involve a compromise with international standards and American values and we paid dearly for that. We are changing that policy, which we once felt was justified. But we reserve the right to do what is necessary to protect human life and certain U.S. agencies will not be covered by the new Pentagon policies.

I may not agree with that — but it is honest."

O'Reilly tried to paint Dick Meyer as an enemy of true Americans. He quoted a WSJ editorial praising the CIA prisons for foiling so many terror plots with their secret interrogation techniques.

However, using New York Fire Fighters to threaten Meyer is really insulting to these incredible guys . Does O'Reilly believe that Firefighters are uncivilized thugs who beat up anyone with an opposing viewpoint. How can he be so sure that firefighters fit into the same political mindset with a beehive mentality devoted to their President and Bill O'Reilly without question.