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Neil Cavuto Says the Senate Report on Prewar Intelligence is "Moot"

Reported by Melanie - September 8, 2006 -

Neil Cavuto hosted Oliver North and Peter King (R-NY and Chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security) today (September 8, 2006) to discuss not the content of the Senate report on prewar intelligence but whether or not Democrats are "playing politics with Iraq and the War on Terror." (Chances are good Fox watchers will never be told what the report actually says.)

Cavuto introduced the segment by saying that the report,

[H]as Democrats making new accusations that the White House intentionally, deliberately, mislead the nation into war. They say that the information was manipulated into linking Saddam Hussein with al Qaeda. Was there anything new in this report or was it some midterm election year politics?

Peter King went first. He said,

This is just more of the same. The fact is that the President never linked Saddam Hussein to 9/11. I never heard the President in any way link Saddam Hussein to 9/11 other than to say that this is a very turbulent area of the world, a very volatile area of the world and that Saddam Hussein had to be removed if there was any hope of bringing any stability to that area and going after terrorism.

Oliver North spoke next and waved around what looked like a spiral notebook: "This is based on the CIA's intelligence pre-2005 and we know how appallingly bad that was." This (the notebook) "is a DGI report dated 1992 by the intelligence service of Saddam Hussein reporting on their contacts with none other than the head of al Qaeda and a meeting that they had and they're talking about how they're going to work together."

I Googled "DGI report" and didn't find anything relating to this.

Next came Cavuto's whopper:

Well, ah congressman, back to the bigger point and whether there is any point here. I mean, it is a moot point right? I mean, we're knee-deep in Iraq right now. We're knee-deep in continuing the fight against al Qaeda. Why bring this up now, whether it's accurate or not?

King said, "Well, they're trying to undermine the president." There have been "definite connections between Saddam Hussein and al Qaeda." Giving a different reason why we attacked Iraq from the one he gave just 90 seconds earlier, King continued, "because they were not complying with UN inspections and refused to account for the weapons of mass destruction that they admitted having after l991, and it is moot to this extent because we are in a war right now."

North closed the segment with, "Because the president has made some very strong pitches these last several days" Democrats are "on the run." This is "them firing back at the president."

This was a hard one to watch. The balled faced liars are probably unashamedly speaking right now, in full view, on a TV near you.