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Fox News Peddles White House Line on Osama bin Laden

Reported by Judy - September 8, 2006 -

Fox News likes to talk tough about capturing terrorists, but when the White House says the master-mind of 9/11, Osama bin Laden, is irrelevant, it rushes to report it.

On "Fox and Friends" on Friday (September 8, 2006), Gregg Jarrett reported that the White House is dismissing the latest release of a video by Osama bin Laden as "a vain attempt by Osama bin Laden to say, 'Remember me, I'm still relevant.'" The video showed preparations for the 9/11 hijackings.

Then, Jarrett added, that the White House said, "We will bring the 9/11 plotters to justice."

Jarrett parrotted the White House statements without noting the contradictions. On one hand, the White House dismissed Osama bin Laden as no longer relevant and on the other, it promises to bring the 9/11 plotters to justice -- even though the CIA has disbanded the unit charged with finding him.

Jarrett's deaf-and-dumb repetition of the White House line continued when he noted that the U.S. Senate budgeted $200 million to revive the CIA unit charged with finding Osama bin Laden.
Shouldn't he have noted that this was a rebuke to the administration?

I wonder why Fox News bothers with reporters at all if all they're going to do is repeat the White House line without context or balancing comments. Wouldn't it be cheaper to have Lauren Green just read the White House statement and be done with it? Think how much more "news" they could pack into 24 hours.