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Neil Cavuto's Top "Business News" Headline Today was Paris Hilton's DUI Arrest

Reported by Melanie - September 7, 2006 -

Neil Cavuto got around to doing the "Fox Stox" segment of his "business news" show today (September 7, 2006) roughly 45 minutes in. Fox Stox is a 90-second segment during which Cavuto reports on "business news" headlines, today's top headline being Paris Hilton's DUI arrest.


Is Paris, Inc., in trouble? Hilton heiress and a successful business woman in her own right, Paris Hilton, busted for driving under the influence but don't shed any tears for her. A veteran publicist, Michael Levin, says that Paris Hilton being arrested just makes her more famous and bolsters her celebrutant party girl image. Hilton claims that she had just one margarita and was speeding a little bit in her Mercedes SLR to grab a bite because she was starving.

The real reason Cavuto reported this was to feed his audience a shot of sex, which they expect from him several times a week. The video Fox aired while Cavuto spoke was from an ad Hilton made last year for Carl's Jr. hamburgers. Cavuto has played it over and over since then, creating opportunities like today's in which to do so. In the video Hilton is dressed like this. After Cavuto terrorizes his audience by fearmongering about Iran, Iran, Iran, Iran, Democrats and Hugo Chavez, to name a few of his current faves, he tosses them a sex biscuit and then he often finishes off with something light, like sports (today, Archie Manning), all the while pretending, with a straight face, that his show is about business.