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Fred Barnes: Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Reported by Janie - September 7, 2006 -

Last night (9/6) on "Special Report", Executive Editor of the "Weekly Standard", Fred Barnes, claimed the Democrat's position on Guantanamo Bay detainee rights can be "characterized" as "not giving enough rights to the terrorists".

During the "All Star Panel", extreme right-wing pundit Barnes claimed, "Particularly if the Democrats are in a position where they can be accused of that their line is you're being unfair to the terrorists. You're not giving enough rights to the terrorists. These people who were responsible in several cases anyway, for killing 3,000 Americans. That's their position, it's a difficult to maintain… it can be characterized that way."

Barnes seems to think that anyone even accused of being a terrorist is automatically guilty and deserves no rights whatsoever. He also seems to forget that this is America, and you're supposedly "innocent until proven guilty".

Barnes is dead wrong and mischaracterizes the stance of Democrats across the country to support his own political party, without being corrected by Brit Hume, the "newscaster" moderating the debate.