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Admittedly clueless, O'Reilly attacks Boston Globe anyway

Reported by Chrish - September 7, 2006 -

Bill O'Reilly predictably defended Governor Mitt Romney (R-MA) and attacked - all together now - the imaginary far-left and the liberal media for "not understanding" the war on terror and supporting former Iranian president Mohammad Khatami being in the US, where he will speak at several prestigious universities and forums. Saying "Call me dumb" - all together now! - he admitted he didn't understand what the Boston Globe was communicating but he just knows that Khatami is a "bad guy."

(As this graphic is shown his actual words are "I do know that this Khatami is a bad guy.")

What O'Reilly couldn't understand was the Globe's editorial that said in part

"It is bad enough that Romney did not distinguish between Khatami, the well-known partisan of a dialogue of civilizations, with Iran's current president, the belligerent Holocaust denier, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Some reactionaries in this country may want to obscure the stark differences between (the two)..."

Omitted was the end of the sentence:
"...and Romney, who has been courting the far right of the Republican Party, may have fallen under the influence of those deliberate simplifiers."
The rest of the editorial takes Romney to task, eloquently, for his knee-jerk reaction to the visiting Iranian.

O'Reilly of course labeled the newspaper "liberal", cattily saying that the publisher is stepping down because of declining circulation numbers, a charge refuted by John Morton of Morton Research Inc., a longtime newspaper industry analyst. In reality, publisher Richard Gilman himself says

"What pushes me personally, as my family and friends will tell you, is that it has been a priority of mine to retire from corporate responsibilities early enough in life so I can pursue a series of writing projects through which I can express myself as an individual. It's one thing to work through others, as I have been fortunate to do with all of you. It's quite another to succeed on one’s own. I'm eager to get started with that."
But what's the truth matter to O'Reilly? He shrugs it off - what he "knows" is his owm personal truth, and his followers drool and nod.

He cited a Washington Post editorial that enumerates things that happened while Khatami was president - "religious minorities faced systematic harrassment, discrimination, imprisonment, torture, and even execution because of their religious beliefs," inferring that he was responsible for those actions. Put the shoe on the other foot, though, and those same right-wingers howling about Khatami will defend religious/racial profiling at US airports, unlawful detention at Guantanamo, rendition and "extreme measures" in intelligence gathering, sometimes resulting in death, while not holding Bush accountable for any of it. Ignoring the different structure of Iran's government from ours, O'Reilly also accuses him of overseeing funding of Hezbollah, harboring Al Queda killers, and "illegally" beginning work on nuclear weapons. (Iran is a signator of the NPT and is under the scrutiny of the IAEA, plus adamantly claims to want only nuclear energy capability.)

If he was in charge O'Reilly would not let Khatami talk at the National Cathedral, where Khatami is appearing tonight at the invitation of the dean, Rev. Samuel T. Lloyd III, who said, "It will be an honor for the cathedral to provide a platform for President Khatami. President Khatami’s commitment to a dialogue between civilizations and cultures is an important component in the peace process. This is much needed in the world today.” O'Reilly would allow Khatami to talk at Harvard and U. VA. but would make them foot the bill.

O'Reilly threw out some more rhetoric about the outrage of Khatami speaking at "that holy building" a few days before the anniversary of - all together now - 9/11, 9/11, 9/11, and bemoaned the far-left's non-terrorized attitude. They are not sufficiently frightened and filled with hate for all things Muslim and/or Iranian, and O'Reilly intones "God help us."
O'Reilly and all his war-mongering, terror-sowing ilk would do well to not try to draw their God's attention to what they're doing - from what I've read and heard, He would not be pleased.