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Fox News Gives Republican Free Ad

Reported by Judy - September 6, 2006 -

Fox News must have missed the news that Republicans are giving up on trying to pass immigration legislation this year because they don't want to look "divided" going into the fall electiions.

"Dayside" co-hosts Mike Jerrick and Juliet Huddy featured Rep. Jeb Hensarling, R-Texas, for a long segment on border patrol with no offsetting Democrat present.

Jerrick loaded up with tough questions for the guest, asking at one point, "Is this National Guard idea working, do you think?" Then, apparently, Jerrick went to sleep because Hensarling was allowed to drone on uninterruprted for almost two minutes while the screen showed pictures of him visiting border patrol facilities and talking to border patrol officers.

Then Jerrick woke up and asked another skull-busting question, "You're afraid of that Reid-Kennedy idea?" which allowed Hensarling to attack Democratic alternatives to the harsh House Republican approach unrebutted.

The segment -- more than four minutes long -- should qualify as an in-kind contribution to Hensarling's re-election campaign.

Even more interesting is why Fox News bothered with the report anyway. Republicans don't want to touch the issue before the November elections for fear of alienating Latino voters even more than they already have.