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Bush Speech Shows His Weakness

Reported by Judy - September 6, 2006 -

George Bush tried to come across as tough on terrorists in his speech broadcast on Fox News Wednesday (September 6, 2006), but the fact that he had to make the speech at all showed what a weak leader he is.

Bush's speech was yet another in a string of speeches that tries to keep the nation focused on his war on terror going into the fall elections, even as Fox News' own poll shows Republicans' advantage with voters on that score shrinking.

According to the poll, only 37 percent of Americans say Republicans are best at fighting terror, compared to 33 percent who say Democrats would do a better job. That is within the poll's 3 percent margin of error. It also is down from the 13-point edge Republicans enjoyed earlier in the year. Fox News buried that bit of information in the next to the last paragraph on the poll posted on its website.

And when "Dayside" co-host Mike Jerrick conducted interviews with a Democratic and Republican strategist on the terrorism issue, he briefly alluded to the GOP advantage shrinking, but never gave the actual numbers.

Yet the real reason Bush's speech shows his weakness is that he was using it to put pressure on Congress to draft a plan to deal with the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay. The U.S. Supreme Court in June slapped down Bush's attempt to hold prisoners in the war on terror indefinitely without benefit of trial. Bush needs Congress to pass legislation to authorize his military-style tribunals. But Bush can't persuade members of his own party to get the job done. Sen. John McCain is working on legislation already, but Bush has taken this long to even get him a version of what he wants. McCain wants to disallow from trials any information gained by torture, while Bush, who holds himself as morally superior and God's annointed leader, thinks it should be OK to use evidence obtained by torture.

In his speech, Bush said that passing this legislation should be Congress' top priority.

For this do-nothing GOP Congress, nothing is a priority, and Bush is too weak within his own party to make this bill their most important order of business.