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Beating the War Drums

Reported by Janie - September 6, 2006 -

Fox Correspondent James Rosen filed a report last night (9/5) during "Special Report" in which he explained to viewers how Iran is attempting to purge its universities of liberal professors (as News Hound Chrish reported this week, this has become a common talking-point on Fox). Rosen claimed the only area in which there is no censorship in Iran, is when it comes to discussing the Holocaust. From there Rosen then went on to tell viewers about the cartoon exhibition currently being held in Iran but once again, he did not provide viewers with the whole story.

Rosen claimed, "Censorship of the media and the jailing of intellectuals and other reform-minded activists are common occurrences in Iran, about the only subject which the government encourages debate is denial of the Holocaust, as with the recent officially sanctioned exhibition of cartoons."

This was the only information provided regarding the cartoon exhibition, as Rosen moved on from there. Unfortunately, Rosen made it appear that a Holocaust cartoon exhibition is a regular way of life in Iran, and neglected to mention the exhibit was retaliation for the Danish cartoon fiasco:

Annan said during his talks in Tehran he had discussed the exhibition of cartoons about the Holocaust, which was organized in retaliation for the September publication of caricatures of the Prophet Mohammad in Danish and other European newspapers.

Here's another trumped up charge against Iran, as Fox continues to beat the war drums - once again omitting relevant information that would allow the viewer to make their own decision.