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How Did we get to the Point Where This Can Legitimately Be Called "News"?

Reported by Melanie - September 5, 2006 -

Michael Reagan was a guest today (September 5, 2006) on Your World w/Cavuto. Cavuto's website promoted Reagan's appearance with: "The midterm campaign officially kicks into high gear: Bob Novak and Michael Reagan join Neil to discuss how it will impact our lives, economy and stock market." What actually happened during the segment puts the lie to that pretty-faced promo. The chyron that stayed on the screen during Reagan's segment better defines the discussion: "Dems Playing Politics with America's Security?"

Reagan followed an appearance by Gen. Wesley Clark in which Clark was asked to define "success" in the "War on Terror." Reagan was the follow-up Clark/Democrat-basher, on to trash everything Clark said, facts not required. During the segment with Clark, Cavuto's straight-from-the-Republican-playbook argument was that we haven't been "hit" in five years so Bush is obviously doing something right. After being introduced, Reagan picked up on that theme:

The politics is being played out here. You made the point that we haven't been attacked in five years. What it is is the politics of fear. Fear of the Patriot Act. Fear of the NSA wiretapping. Fear of the SWIFT Program... It's the fear that this president is in fact worse than Osama bin Laden.

Without questioning which Democrat said he or she was "afraid" of the Patriot Act, the NSA wiretapping scheme, the SWIFT Program, or said Bush is "worse" than Osama bin Laden, Cavuto wondered about "this notion" that "we are more vulnerable to being attacked" now.

Reagan said, "See, I don't think we are more vulnerable...its a work in progress...but it is working. I know that and you know that because we're able to do what we do without the fear of being blow up." We have, "kept the fight over there in their area of the world and stopped it from being here and that's a big plus."

Again, Cavuto didn't bring facts to the discussion: that none of the 9/11 hijackers came from Iraq or the "notion" that Bush wants us to live in constant fear of being blown up. Instead he said Democrats "argue just the opposite." They say "we would not have stirred up this hornet's nest had we stirred up this hornet's nest and that they're fighting us there because we made them angry there. What do you make of that?"

Reagan said, "Good! I'm glad they're fighting us there. At some point they were going to fight us." They've "been at war with us for a long time trying to pick their points. We finally figured out that this is a war and we want to fight it on their territory, not in our territory and this president is doing that. They as leaders would not."

Cavuto let that stand too.

Comment: This, folks, passes as "news" in the "greatest nation on Earth."