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Fox On Line New Show, Same Bias

Reported by Donna - September 5, 2006 -

Today on Fox On Line with Bill Hemmer, the show that constantly refers you to Foxnews.com, we had the same old familiar bias. Hemmer said that there was a new plan put out today from the Democrats, in fact he mentioned it a few times. But did we get to hear what this plan entailed? No, it's Fox so we got a one sided opinion about the Republicans side.

Hemmer went to Senator John Kyl (R-Arizona) who spoke about the plans of the Republicans for the next 63 days until the mid term elections on November 7 and the war on Iraq. Kyl immediately attacked the Democrats saying they still had intramural fights going on and had no specifics. Then he went on to say how this administration had "adjusted to the enemy" by adjusting to the use of IED's.

He went on to say that Republicans were working hard to find the terrorists before they got on planes and how the Republicans were trying to work with their European counterparts, but that this, too, was hard to do.

Comment: It may be a newly named show, Fox On Line, but it's the same old bias. During the show Hemmer referred to the Democratic plan a few times but never spoke about the details, nor did he go to any Democrats to explain what their position was.

Very unfair and unbalanced - the Fox On Line way.