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Fear Factor Winds Up As Mid Term Elections Loom

Reported by Donna - September 5, 2006 -

Today on Studio B with Trace Gallagher filling in for Shepard Smith we saw the big gear up for the fear factor that this administration, the Republicans and Fox have used in elections past. Most of the first half of the show was dedicated to the President and the Republican party and their new plan for fighting terrorism now.

Gallagher reported that the president said the U.S. was safer but not yet safe. (Comment: huh?) It talked about the threats still out there, that while they had degraded Al Qaeda, Al Qaeda had found ways to adapt to the U.S.'s way of fighting them. The president talked about the new enemies that have sprout up (Comment: Without answering the question of why they had sprout up) and compared them to the Nazis and the Soviet Union in WW II. (Comment: Another part of the fear factor)

For some more of the fear factor they had the Attorney General say that our enemies were still capable of hitting us in the Homeland. While talking out of both sides of his mouth the Attorney General said that Al Qaeda had been degraded but said they were still capable of a 9/11 type attack.

And then of course, they talked about the fact that there have been no attacks on the Homeland in 5 years but weren't ruling out the fact that this was still possible.

All of this back and forth talk went on. Shortly after the half hour Molly Henneberg mentioned the Democratic plan but not before she mentioned the Republican plan. She said the Republican plan was 1) Defense Budget, 2) Homeland Security Budget, 3) Border/Post Security, and 4) NSA Warrantless Wiretap Program. She said the Democratic plan was 1) Iraq, 2) National Security, 3) Minimum Wage and 4) Medicare RX Drug Prices.

She never called the Democratic plan by it's name -- The Neocon plan, because Republicans run away from this word like it's the plague.

Comment: It was a case of back and forth on the fear factor from this administration, the Republicans and Fox when it came to scaring people using the fear factor. Yes we're safer, no, we can still have a 9/11 type attack today. Yes, Al Qaeda has been degraded, no they're still capable of a 9/11 type attack today. Which one is it?

I monitored both this an the new Bill Hemmer Fox On Line show today and both shows purposely stayed away from the Democratic plan, spent little or no time on it and just presented the Republican side. It's partisan news at best, with a lot of thef fear factor thrown in because this is what has worked for the Republicans in the past right before elections. Maybe they can also throw in some heightened color coded security alerts.

Fair and balanced? Hardly.