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Outrageous Quote of the Week - Week of August 28th

Reported by Janie - September 4, 2006 -

Charles Krauthammer, right-wing pundit often used for "Special Reports'" "All Star Panel", received 28% of last week's vote for his blatant lie regarding the run up to the Iraq War:

"There was no one in position of responsibility who said it was going to be easy."

For this week's selection, which has been taken overwhelmingly from Hannity & Colmes, take a peek below the fold!

Option A: "Democrats have to understand that the Patriot Act is popular, snooping in libraries is popular, wiretaps without warrants is popular." - Dick Morris, Hannity & Colmes, 8/29/06

Option B: "What I would like is, I'd like the country I grew up in. It was a good country. I lived in Washington, D.C., 400,000 black folks, 400,000 white folks in a country 89 or 90% white. I like that country. We didn't vote to change it." - Pat Buchanan, Hannity & Colmes, 8/30/06

Option C: "What's he need an apology for? Just dress right when you go to an airport! If I'm the CEO of an airline you know what, I'm going to put a dress code into effect. That's what I'm going to do. 'Cause people get nervous and they have a right to feel secure on those planes." - John Kasich on the gentleman forced to remove his t-shirt at an airport because it contained Arabic writing - The O'Reilly Factor, 8/31/06

Option D: "If we elect a Congress in this election on November 7 that is committed to being anti-war, get out now, withdraw America, then we’re in serious, serious trouble. This could be catastrophic. That’s exactly what happened in 1974, when the Congress re-elected decided to get out of Viet Nam. But in this case, it won’t be boat people, it will be nuclear weapons in the hands of fanatics.” - Oliver North claiming a Democratic-controlled Congress would mean a nuclear attack, Hannity & Colmes, 8/31/06

Option E: "[F]or them to come out for Ned Lamont, who wants to pull out [of Iraq] tomorrow, which would leave a gaping hole in our Mideast policy, it would redound to the benefit of Iran...I just think it's hypocritical, sad, and pathetic." - Jack Kemp lying about Ned Lamont's position on Iraq, Your World, 8/29/06