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Carl Cameron Repeats Dirty Ad Trick Rumors In Florida Race For Governor

Reported by Donna - September 4, 2006 -

On Studio B with Trace Gallagher substituting for Shepard Smith there was a segment feauturing Carl Cameron talking about the Florida primaries coming up tomorrow. He spoke about the two Republicans running and how their contest was sizing up.

Cameron didn't fail to use the same dirty tricks ads to his commentary.

The Republican primary is between Tom Gallagher and Charlie Crist. Cameron said that Crist, according to Gallagher was not "pro life enough", not "anti gay rights enough" and that there were rumors going around that Charlie Crist was gay.

Comment: I stood with my mouth wide open when I heard Cameron repeat this rumor. I thought I was reading the National Inquirer rather than listening to a supposed national news service. Looks like Tom Gallagher got some free attack ads straight from Fox News.