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Thou Shall Have No Strange Gods In The Heartland

Reported by Chrish - September 3, 2006 -


Fear of Islamic terrorism has now been extended to fear of Islamic proselytizing as evidenced by the opening segments on Heartland 9/2/06. In case those Christian Heartland true believers are being tempted to change teams, Kasich also had other “reports” which showed how crazy non-Heartland Christians could be.

Kasich opened with the new Al Qaeda tape that featured the voice of American born Muslim convert, Adam Gadahn, who urged Americans to convert to Islam. Fox’s Jonathan Hunt discussed how authorities are concerned that there are coded messages and that this is part of a stepped up propaganda campaign leading up to the anniversary of 9-11. (Comment: isn’t that what Bush is doing with his rally round the war tour?) Kasich noted that Gadahn grew up in California and was homeschooled. (Comment: isn’t that popular with evangelical Christians?)

Kasich’s “talking heads” segment that followed was mainly about Iran’s nuclear threat. Not surprisingly Kasich didn’t believe Carol Ong, from the Center for Arms Control, who stated that Iran is 5 to 10 years away from manufacturing a bomb. After she said this, a visibly distressed Kasich asked her if she had kids. When she said that she didn’t he said that he did and he couldn’t “imagine what would happen if these people get their hands on nuclear weapons.” When she tried to explain that negotiations and inspections were important, he cut her off and went over to another guest, former Iranian hostage Don Sharer, whose only claim to fame is that he says (disputed by the CIA) that he recognized Iranian President Ahmadinejad as one of the hostage takers. In September of 2005, he was a guest of Hannity and Colmes, as reported by Newshound Ellen . Sharer, who remembers Ahmadinejad’s “beady eyes,” was asked by Kasich if his guards tried to convert him. He responded that the guard said that Allah could help him and gave him a lesson on Islam - at which point Sharer told the guard “to get the hell out of my cell, I’m a Christian.”

Later in the program, Kasich had a lengthy report on Warren Jeffs, which included commentary, from “cult expert” Rick Ross, on all the unsavory practices of this polygamous sect. Wikipedia has an entry on Ross and has this to say: “Ross is criticized for his lack of academic credentials, for the two felony crimes in his twenties previously mentioned, and for his former deprogramming activities, the tort of unlawful imprisonment.”

Kasich then had a piece on preacher Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda, of Growing in Grace Ministry, whose followers believe that he is the “second coming.” Kasich introduced the segment by stating that Miranda “is not your typical evangelist. He drives a BMW and is decked out in diamonds and gold jewelry.” (Comment: most of the Christian tv evangelists, seen on the Christian broadcasting networks, are multi-millionaires and sport a lot of “bling.”). During the interview with one of Miranda’s followers, Martita Roca, Kasich asked why people gave so much money to Miranda, to which she responded that they believed in the mission. After the interview, Kasich went back to Ross who described this group as another “cult” whose leader has a affinity for “worldly, not heavenly things, a penchant for pricy watches, and lives well off his followers.” (Comment: are we talking about Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, John Hagee, and their fellow pastors who have certainly not taken a vow of poverty!)

Kasich then interviewed a former BackStreet Boy, Brian Littrell, who is a devout Christian and is returning, musically, to his gospel roots after which he ended the show with a tribute to the Fox Jerusalem News Bureau who assisted the IDF in attempting to secure the release of Centani and Wieg. The chyron read “thank God.”

Comment: Lest anyone forget, there is really only one true path via Fox approved Christianity. One does wonder about Kasich’s focus on Muslim attemps to convert Jesus loving Christians – does he think that their faith is weakening?