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Republican 'Cut and Runner' Gets Easy Treatment

Reported by Judy - September 2, 2006 -

Fox News is never shy about slurring Democrats who suggest a change in tactics in Iraq with the charge of advocating that the U.S. "cut and run," but when a Republican advocated a similar plan Friday (Septemberr 1, 2006), he got much gentler treatment.

Rep. Christopher Shays, R-Connecticut, appeared on "Dayside" to discuss his proposal for a timetable for withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq. Shays has been a strong supporter of Bush's war, but now he is in the middle of a tough re-election race.

Neither Juliet Huddy nor Mike Jerrick applied the label "cut and run" to Shays, as Fox News usually does to Democrats. Instead of putting him on the defensive by labeling him as advocating a cowardly strategy, Huddy and Jerrick gave Shays plenty of time to explain what he meant and how it would work. Nor did they call him a "flip-flopper" for changing his position.

Neither did Fox News invite Shays' Democratic opponent Diane Farrell, on the show to see what she has to say about why he changed his position and what it means.

A little unfair, unbalanced?