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O'Reilly Victim Announces Retirement

Reported by Deborah - September 1, 2006 -

Vermont District Court Judge Edward Cashman announced that he will be retiring. Bill O'Reilly harshly attacked Cashman calling for him to resign making him a target of ridicule and public outrage. Cashman didn't mention the O'Reilly crusade in his announcement today but the last line is very revealing..

"My family and I have discussed this issue for some time," Cashman wrote. "Now in my mid-sixties, I must face the reality that I am no longer a young man. The prospect of another six years of the intense effort and attention needed to properly perform this function may exact a cost my family and I are no longer willing to pay."

Now what role could Bill O'Reilly possibly have played in this man's decision to retire? What are the "costs" that Cashman mentioned in his statement?
On 1/19/06, News Hound Marie Therese posted about one outrageous attack from O'Reilly. MT wrote:

"Bill O'Reilly is really mad. Last night [1-18-06] during his Talking Points Memo and later in an interview, he stamped his media foot and smashed it down on the neck of the state of Vermont, expressing his dismay that the people of that state are so apathetic that they will not march in demonstrations and demand the removal of District Court Judge Edward Cashman. In fact, at one point he actually said "Vermont may not be part of America anymore."

That was only one of the many attacks that Cashman and his family endured during the Culture Warrior's great crusade. I'm just wondering if O'Reilly will feel guilty or triumphant?