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John Kasich calls for dress-codes for travelers

Reported by Chrish - September 1, 2006 -

We've already heard the call for a Muslims-only line at airports on FOX News. Host John Kasich wants to take it yet a step farther and wouldn't mind airlines enforcing dress codes for passengers.

In a new twist on the old "(s)he was asking for it" blame-the-victim line, Kasich's segment
on The Factor tonight 8/31/06 was headlined "Courting controversey? in the graphic, but the full spoken title was "Courting controversey at the airport at a time of heightened worry over terror." He made a point of saying, four times, that this incident occurred just two days after the alleged plot to blow up US-bound planes was revealed.

Kasich was over-reacting to the report of a young man having to change his tee shirt before boarding a plane because it's message "We will not be silent", discomfited some other passengers because it was printed in Arabic (in addition to English). Kasich was in full agreement with authorities who not only segregated the man, Raed Jarrar, for intense personal search and questioning, but also demanded that he change into another, "acceptable", tee shirt purchased for him at the airport gift shop.

Kasich's guest, David Oblon, is a Constitutional lawyer who argued that the statement is not nefarious or inciteful and Jarrar's civil rights were violated.

Kasich insisted that "the guy", who was repeatedly identified in photos as "Activist", was "obviously looking for trouble, looking to pick a fight - you don't wear a shirt like that two days after that big plot was foiled, huh?" Oblon said the statement would not meet the Supreme Court's "fighting words standard" which requires a clear and present danger of imminent lawlessness.

Kasich tried to appeal to him emotionally and asked if he ever travelled with his family ("yea, sure"), and wouldn't he be uncomfortable seeing this guy with the message in Arabic, "we will not be, y'know, whatever the heck he said, we will not be silent"? Wouldn't that disturb him and make him uncomfortable? Wouldn't that make authorities say whho the heck is this guy?

Oblon agreed it would make him uncomfortable, but that's not the test of the Constitution. What if someone tried to board with a tee shirt that said something innocuos in Hebrew? Kasich said he's for profiling, and he's a lot more concerned with checking out people who make HIM nervous than he is with x-raying his daughter's flip-flops. He reiterates that Jarrar was "looking for trouble" and the TSA was well within their rights to pull him aside and interrogate him, because he "shouldn't be acting like this - ...the guy was trying to bring about an incident!"

Oblon agrees that security had a right to subject Jarrar to extra scrutiny, but once it was determined he posed no threat - after all, he was allowed to board the plane - the extraordinary step of making him remove his shirt based on content alone was a violation of his right to free speech.

Based on nothing more than his feelings, Kasich insists that HE thinks Jarrar went to the airport to get people stirred up, to make a statement, and now he wants an apology?

"What's he need an apology for? Just dress right when you go to an airport! If I'm the CEO of an airline you know what, I'm going to put a dress code into effect. That's what I'm going to do. 'Cause people get nervous and they have a right to feel secure on those planes."

Only on FOX would someone get a platform to sputter such anti-American crap. Sure, he gets HIS free speech rights AND a megaphone to spread them, but anyone who scares Kasich, which apparently doesn't take much, has to go put on a suit and tie and dress right.