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Brit Hume Acknowledges Ted Stevens

Reported by Janie - September 1, 2006 -

Monday on "Special Report", host Brit Hume reported about the "mysterious" Senator that is blocking legislation "to open an easily searchable online database of federal spending to the public."

This mysterious Senator was suddenly revealed on Wednesday as Alaska's Republican Senator Ted "Bridge to Nowhere" Stevens. I immediately questioned whether Hume would issue a follow-up, knowing that the Senator was a Republican. Hume came through.

During his "Two Minutes of Hate" segment last night (8/31), Hume revealed,

"The mystery senator who blocked a floor vote on a popular bill to create a public, searchable database of all government spending has now been outed.

Alaska Republican Ted Stevens admitted to placing what's known as a secret hold on the bill, saying he's concerned the plan could create more bureaucracy and calling for a cost-benefit analysis before granting his approval.

But the Congressional Budget Office has already reported the costs of the project and what's more, Stevens never raised his concerns when the bill was unanimously voted out of his Senate Governmental Affairs Committee. In fact, Stevens didn't attend that hearing or any other hearing on the bill."

I commend Hume for actually issuing a follow-up to his original story. If only he and other Fox personalities would continue to behave in this manner, we might actually have a real news channel!