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Chickenhawk Sean Hannity Smears Veteran, ex-President And Nobel Peace Prize Winner Jimmy Carter As “An Appeaser.”

Reported by Ellen - August 31, 2006 -

Sean Hannity, who turned down the opportunity to serve in the military when he had the chance, seems to think that theatrical denunciations of those who did serve make him a warrior. There’s no veteran at whom Hannity won’t wag his warrior weenie and declare a wimp.

Last night, it was another smear against former President Jimmy Carter. Unlike college dropout Hannity, former President Carter attended the US Naval Academy and served for seven years, rising to the rank of lieutenant. Many national and international honors have been bestowed upon him since he left the White House, including the Nobel Peace Prize. But warrior weenie-wagger Hannity has been in a fit of pique at Carter ever since he had the audacity to suggest that we ought to be negotiating with Iran rather than head straight off to war. So during a segment about the US granting a visa to Iran’s former president Mohammad Khatami, Hannity denounced Carter’s upcoming meeting with Khatami by saying, “I guess Jimmy Carter wants to meet with him, the great appeaser that he is.”

Hannity has been salivating for the US to go to war against Iran for quite some time - not that HE was going to do any of the real fighting - and was obviously disappointed that the Israeli/Lebanon cease-fire waylaid his plans.

You can watch the video about Khatami's upcoming visit on FOXNews.com. The "fair and balanced" lineup included one guest, a former Iranian hostage. Guess whose side he was on?