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Will Hume Follow Up?

Reported by Janie - August 30, 2006 -

On Monday's episode of "Special Report" (8/28), host Brit Hume offered a snarky thirty-second piece during his "Two Minutes of Hate" segment (AKA "Grapevine") discussing the obstructionist Senator that is blocking legislation "to open an easily searchable online database of federal spending to the public." Now that the Senator has been unmasked as a Republican, will Hume provide his viewers with a follow-up segment?

Hume quipped:

"Senators won't be able to vote on a popular bill to open an easily searchable online database of federal spending to the public any time soon after a certain senator placed a hold on the measure.

The bill passed unanimously out of committee and had the support of Senate leadership on both sides of the aisle.

Government watchdog groups are outraged, claiming the lawmaker who stalled the bill must have something to hide. But the question reverberating on Capitol Hill today is: Who is it?

Twenty-seven senators have denied holding up the bill, but the rest aren't talking. A spokesman for Illinois Democrat Barack Obama, who co-authored the bill, calls the secret hold on a bill meant to increase transparency 'more than a little ironic.'"

Now that this mysterious Senator has been unmasked as everyone's favorite old grouch, Ted Stevens (Better known for his greatest hits such as, "NOOOOO", or possibly "a series of tubes"), will Hume issue a follow-up, or will another Republican's misdeeds be left by the way-side?