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Iraqis may take over security but US still won't leave

Reported by Chrish - August 30, 2006 -

Belying Bush's repeated contention that US troops will "stand down" when Iraqi forces "stand up", Jane Skinner reported contrary information today 8/30/06 on The Big Story.

During the headlines at the bottom of the hour she said that America's top general in Iraq (George Casey, not identified by name) today said

"he's optimistic that Iraqi forces will be able to essentially take over their country's security within the next twelve to eighteen months. However, he says, that does not mean US forces will be leaving then. The general says he sees the transition as a multi-step process, where US forces will support the Iraqis as they take the lead in the security operations."

"In the meantime, at least 12 people were killed after an explosives-rigged bicycle blew up near an army recruiting center."

Tha mantra has been repeated for well over a year now - on June 28, 2005, Bush said that U.S. forces would remain in Iraq until the job is completed, "but not one day longer." That was 14 months ago and we are still being told they need more time for training.

Could the shift of so-called "security moms" from Republican-leaning to Democrat-leaning be attributed to the length of the war? Those former "soccer moms" are seeing, 5-6 years later, that their kids are in real danger of being sent by this incompetent, war-profiteering administration to fight in an endless war. The longer this takes and the clearer it becomes that Bush has NO PLAN OR INTENTION to bring our troops home, the more people will see the future envisioned by the neo-cons and turn away from it.