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Dan Senor Knocked Off Pretentious Pedestal By Real American Paul Hackett On O'Reilly Factor

Reported by Deborah - August 30, 2006 -

It was supposed to be a predictable O'Reilly Factor partisan propaganda segment about Iraq but that's not how it turned out. After clips of O'Reilly and Rumsfeld promoting fear, hate and divisivness, Dan Senor and Paul Hackett joined John Kasich for the usual debate.Dan Senor wasn't ready for what happened next. 8/30/06

The segment started with a clip from absent O'Reilly's Talking Point about knowing your enemy followed by Donald Rumsfeld's speech comparing those against the War in Iraq to the "appeasers" of Nazi Germany before WWII.

Kasich asked Senor, " Who are the appeasers?" Senor, smug and confident said it was the people who want an immediate military withdrawl but Kasich was still puzzled pressing him again. Senor accustomed to O'Reilly's accomodations made a vague claim of " many left of center" people prompting an annoyed Kasich to push "Name one!" Of course, Senor went for the favorite right-wing scapegoat Moveon.org.

Paul Hackett, a Marine who served in Iraq, was ready for battle with Senor calling him " Herr Senor" adding he should be ashamed of his own lack of service. Hackett claimed that he wasn't for immediate withdrawl but saw no reason for our troops to stay there "painting schools." .

Senor actually backed down explaining to Hackett that he wasn't questioning his service. Then Kasich reminded Senor that he shouldn't have called Hackett and others "appeasers" adding that Amnesty International called Gitmo a gulag which wasn't right either.

Hackett told Senor he had no right to call him an "appeaser". " I've looked it in the eye!" Kasich trying to make peace called for everyone to stop name calling.

comment. Paul Hackett was really powerful completely destroying Senor's usual pompous superiority. Senor knew that Hackett was way beyond the intimidation tactics favored by the right. Hackett is not about to allow someone like Senor question his patriotism and is obviously above playing political games.

Of course if O'Reilly had been there, he and Senor could have ganged up on Hackett. The FOX notion of a fair debate is usually two against one. Tonight, however, Kasich was obviously not siding with Senor and seemed annoyed by the absurd " appeaser" label .