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Studio B - Mostly Happy Katrina Stories

Reported by Donna - August 29, 2006 -

Today we didn't have happy Iraqi stories on Studio B with Shepard Smith. We had happy Katrina stories. While most of the stories were about the grit and determination of the New Orleans and Mississippi people, Smith waited until the end to touch on some very important points.

Like I reported most of the stories were happy in nature, with the focus on rebuilding lives and rebuilding homes and schools.

It got interesting in the end when Smith spoke with Amy Liu from the Brookings Institution who said that there are no plans for federal housing for the low income people and they weren't coming back to the area.

Comment: While the focus remained on the good stories, it would have been nice if equal time could have been given to what Amy Liu was speaking about - the low income people not coming back, no plans for them to come back and the fact that after one year, 1/2 of the electricity was still not restored in New Orleans.

There was some comparison between New Orleans and Mississippi, but it wasn't looked into extensively and not answered sufficiently by the guest, Congressman Bobby Jindal (R-LA). Instead he spoke about the fraud and the $800 purses that were bought with FEMA money.

News on Iraq was limited to the half hour news headlines where they said that 34 people were killed in a pipeline blast. No further details were given.